With so many changes occurring in the present time, remote hosting service is considered the future trend. In fact, without even realizing it, we are already using remotely hosted software on our tablets and smartphones. Remote hosting is considered one of the core advantages of the cloud as it takes away the stress and added work of handling numerous software and hardware tasks. So, without any further delay, let’s jump into and learn the fundamentals of remote desktop working and how businesses are profiting from it.

What is Remote Desktop Hosting

Remote desktop hosting refers to a methodology that houses files, databases, and applications on data center servers. They are not directly storing them into your laptops, personal computers, or nearby hardware. Several small businesses also recognize it as terminal server hosting.

In simple words, remote desktop hosting allows you to access the “host” computer remotely over the internet. You can control the system and autonomy to utilize the resources and data hosted on that system.

Overview of Remote Hosting

Difference Between Remote Host and Local Host

Remote host refers to that specific host you want to connect to with the help of your localhost. Comparatively, the local host is that host to whom you are directly connected, i.e., your system.

Example – You are using your laptop and your colleague is working on another system. Here your laptop is the local host and your colleague’s system is the remote host.

Suppose– Your colleague’s IP address is and yours is When you are in the same network and you are accessing your colleague’s IP address and are extracting data from his/ her system, you are doing it with the help of a remote-control operation.

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How does Remote Desktop Hosting Work

In the remote server, your virtual desktop store is there for you and your colleagues can access your files from any place or any time of the day. To explain on a simplistic level, the working of remote desktop hosting is similar to using remote-controlled software.

How does RDH Work

  • Most of you are working from home, no external hardware or setup is made at your place.
  • You can access your company files. Plus, several employees can work together on the same project whose data is stored on the server.
  • Remote desktop hosting allows people to log in to the server without any geographical restriction and helps to:
    1. Access company information
    2. Submit reports
    3. Update files

Major Benefits of Remote Hosting

Remote Hosting offers several benefits that are listed below:

Effortless Integration

Remote hosting allows easy integration between various platforms irrespective of their hardware or software type.

Simplified Support

Support is as important as the maintenance of the remote hosting model. Plus, your remote desktop hosting provider addresses and configures problems, even if it is about the processing of newly released patches.

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Remote server hosting helps you to cut down on expensive software licenses, which stem from concurrent user models.

Added to this, you do not have to spend on locally hosting software infrastructure like:

  1. Network materials
  2. Cabling
  3. Servers

Low Risk

On a generic level, you will find remote hosting to be offered as a monthly lease model.

If you compare the starting investment related to hardware or software purchase, the flexibility from using remote desktop hosting ensures a low financial risk.

Minimum Maintenance

Your remote desktop hosting provider takes care of maintenance like replacing failed hardware, Executing updates and patches, maintaining the server, Addressing issues, and eliminating them.

Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing Remote Hosting Service

Choosing a trustworthy and cost-effective remote hosting service or provider is very important.  So, here we have highlighted a few aspects that make ACES PRO the right remote server hosting provider for you.

Mobile Access

We offer you the facility to access the virtual desktop’s control panel with a mobile device so that you can utilize the ‘work on the go’ facility.

Security Services

We offer security features like Data encryption, Strong passwords, Two-factor authentication, Automated backup, and recovery solutions.

Plus, we provide enterprise-level security measures and we are offering security protections related to Firewalls, End-to-end encryption, Antimalware, Antivirus, etc.

Data Center

We are HIPAA compliant and are SSAE-16 Type II (SOC-1/SOC-2) audited.


Uptime is a vital part of hosting services as it showcases the accessibility of hosted cloud services to end-users.  The good uptime percentage should always be 99.99% or above it. We have maintained %100 uptime.